Buckets For Hunger combines a love for sports with a passion to feed the hungry. Please help us help those in need.

Local Board of Directors

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Buckets for Hunger has an all volunteer board. The men and women have put in countless hours and invested their lives in an effort to bring about a better life for those in need.

Wayne Bisek

Wayne Bisek - President, Founder, Charter Member of Buckets For Hunger

Position: President/Founder/ Charter Member
Hometown: Oregon, WI
Wayne is the founder of Buckets and the President. He dedicates approximately 1000 hours per year and enjoys nearly every minute of it. He is ever mindful of the fact that the organization would not succeed without the generosity of the volunteers, the athletes, the sponsors and the donors/attendees of the various events each year. He is self-employed as an independent financial advisor.


Paul Lynde

Paul Lynde Charter Member of Buckets For HungerPosition: Vice-president Charter Member
Hometown: Oregon, WI

Paul started out with Buckets from the first day we formed our group. Paul has served in various capacities including chairperson of several committees and is always volunteering to take on more responsiblities. He has been a very good soldier in our battle to reduce hunger. Paul is a retired perfusionist .


George Conduah

G Conduah - Board MemberPosition: Treasurer
Hometown: Oregon, WI

George has been a board member since 2013. He is very passionate about the Buckets for Hunger cause. He has over 20 years of experience in Finance and Information Technology. George is currently employed as an Information Technology Consultant with Madison College.


Richard Loerke

Richard Loerke - Buckets For HungerPosition: Clerk
Hometown: Deerfield WI

Rick has worked with Buckets for the last to over ten years in every position from event volunteer to marketing co-chairperson to website manager. He brings a good deal of enthusiasm to our cause and a youthful exuberance that will serve us well for years to come. Rick works in marketing at Dean Health Plan.


Cole Bisek

Cole Bisek - Buckets For HungerPosition: At Large Charter member
Hometown: Madison, Wi

Cole has been involved in Buckets since the very beginning. He has done everything from handing
out flyers at the Kohl Center during our silent auctions to being a committee chairperson for our live auctions at several events. He has helped us gather autographs at various events and he has been a constant presence since 1995 in the program. Cole was a key player in our first trivia contest in 2012. Cole is co-emcee of our annual trivia challenge. Cole is employed as a ABOP certified optician and Manage-in-training at Shopko Optical in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.


Vickie Carroll

Vickie Carroll Charter Member of Buckets For HungerPosition: At Large Charter member
Hometown: Oregon, WI

Vickie has been at Wayne’s side the entire time as she is his wife and constant companion in everything Buckets. She has performed duties such as committee chair, event volunteer and is the editor of everything Wayne writes for and about Buckets. She is the detail person who ensures that the little things are taken care of timely and accurately. She has convinced Wayne on more than a few occasions to keep fighting the battle. She is one of the biggest reasons that Buckets continues to exist and to succeed. Vickie is a registered nurse in the emergency room at Stoughton Hospital in Stoughton, Wisconsin.


Tony Crook

Tony Crook Charter Member of Buckets For HungerPosition: At Large Charter member
Hometown: Oregon, WI

Tony is a charter member of the board of directors. He has performed various duties from officer positions to event organizer and website manager. In addition, Tony volunteers at each of our events throughout the year. Tony is an important reason why the organization has survived and thrives. Tony is a self-employed business owner of a company named TMI, Incorporated.


Dr. Melanie Desamito, DPT

Melanie Bisek is Treasurer of Buckets For HungerPosition: At Large Charter member
Hometown: Oregon,WI

Melanie has been involved in Buckets since the very first event in 1995. She has sold raffle tickets, assisted with the live auctions and silent auctions and she has assisted in set up, take down and cash out aspects of our events. Melanie was integral in our first ever trivia contest in 2012. Melanie works at Providence Health Alliance in Woodway, Texas. Melanie designs and puts together the power point presentation for the annual trivia challenge.


Bonnie Lynde

Bonnie Lynde Charter Member of Buckets For HungerPosition: At Large Charter Member
Hometown: Oregon, WI

Bonnie joined us immediately in 1995. She has served as the treasurer of the organization and kept track of the money at our events forever. She is always willing to do any duties necessary in order to ensure a successful event. Bonnie has been a key cog in our machine since day one. Bonnie is a retired respiratory therapist.


Mike Williams

Mike Williams Vice President - Buckets For HungerPosition: At Large Charter Member
Hometown: Watertown, WI

Mike became a board member in 2003. He has run our annual Food Pantry Challenge in Watertown ever since we started it. Before that, he and his associates ran a very successful basketball shooting contest there for Buckets. He volunteers at all of our events and has been vital to our cause. Mike is a self employed financial advisor associated with Ameriprise Financial Services.



Advisory Board

Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein - Board of Directors of Buckets For HungerPosition: At Large
Hometown: Fort Atkinson WI

Jeff has been an Advisory Board member over ten years and is active in a variety of ways including raffle ticket sales, event promotion and auction sales.  He is self-employed as a financial advisor with Ameriprise Financial.  Jeff has been a generous supporter of the Buckets cause via sports memorabilia purchases and ticket sales to events. He is a good man to have on the team once again.